You Can Honeymoon Like a Disney Princess at This Hawaiian Resort

Even if you are not a Disney geek, you might be lying if you said that you have never dreamed of swimming towards the endless horizon Little Mermaid-style, accompanied by the love of your life. Hey, some of us still have that fantasy even if we are well into our 30s (#sorrynotsorry). And if there’s a day when you can allow yourself to go all out and make that dream a reality, that’s definitely your wedding day.

While having a Little Mermaid-inspired ceremony is always an option, pulling off a beachy vibe with no beach in sight may not end in the fairy tale wedding you had hoped for. But what about saying your vows at a venue that’s literally 20 steps away from one of the most beautiful beaches in the world; one that also has its own multiple-story oceanarium with exotic reef fish swimming in it?

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