The World’s Highest Zipline Will Take You to the Slopes at the World’s Best Ski Resort

Ski season is upon us and with the winter holidays right around the corner, we all have the perfect excuse to spend a few days on the slopes.

One resort in Europe has come up with the most creative way to deal with slow lift lines, and it’s one that daredevils might want to pay attention to: A zipline that stretches almost a mile long and takes only one minute and 45 seconds to get from end to end.

“La Tyrolienne” is located at Val Thorens ski resort in France at an altitude of about 10,600 feet, which makes it the highest zipline in the world. The maximum height above ground is 820 feet. It’s more than an entertainment attraction at the resort, though — it actually connects Val Thorens to the neighboring Orelle ski resort, and you don’t need to be a skier or a snowboarder to ride.

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