The Best Shoes to Wear at Every Fashion Week This Fall

Twice a year, the world’s fashion elite flocks to New York, London, Milan, and Paris to attend a month-long marathon of fashion shows. Editors, buyers, celebrities, and models are among the lucky ones to take a sneak peek at all the clothes and accessories of us will hang in our closets in the seasons ahead. Naturally, when you have a gathering of this kind, the action doesn’t just happen on the runway. Street style photographers are always on the lookout for chic attendees that stand out from the crowd with their unique sense of style.

And an integral part of putting together an outfit worthy of fashion week is choosing the right pair of shoes. Each of these four fashion capitals has its unspoken style code that can serve up as inspiration. New York’s coolness factor allows for styling sneakers with a dress, which was unthinkable several years ago. London always pushes the fashion envelope. Milan is impeccably stylish, and a city where attention to detail matters the most. Paris is, of course, effortlessly chic.

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