The Best Beard Conditioners to Add to Your Grooming Routine

Maintaining a healthy-looking beard requires just as much care and time as you put into caring for your skin or hair.

By Dobrina Zhekova on January 23, 2019
In fact, it is a combination of both. Well-tamed shiny whiskers start with a good skincare routine and include products that both hydrate your skin and keep your facial hair soft, moisturized, and well styled. This is why you should always have good beard oil or conditioner in your bathroom cabinet.

“Beard hair originates in the sebaceous glands which produce, sebum, a natural oil that coats the hair. As that hair grows, the amount of sebum produced is not able to cover the entire follicle, contributing to dry skin, itchiness and at times dandruff,” explained Jeremy Pelser, barber at Blind Barber Moxy Times Square. “Beard oil is an essential part of avoiding this discomfort as it moisturizes both the skin and the hair follicle.”

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