How to Throw a Surprise Wedding, According to Anne Hathaway’s Event Planner

Yifat Oren knows how to keep a secret. Just ask Anne Hathaway—when the actress tied the knot in a ceremony that was kept under wraps from media in Big Sur in 2012, it was Oren and her team who pulled it off. Oren has planned similarly discreet wedding for a roster of A-list clients including Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon, and Adam Levine.

But the most top-secret nuptials she’s planned, Oren says, have taken the undercover wedding a step further and kept the I Do’s a secret not just from the public but from the ceremony’s guests too—until the very last minute. That’s right, in recent years, Oren’s clients have been asking her to help them plan surprise weddings, where no one except for a few close family members and friends knows that two are about to become one, until an aisle emerges with a white-clad bride on it, flash mob style.

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