How to Avoid Nasty Hangovers

Holiday season brings with it joy, cheer, and, let’s face it, a drink or two too many. Between office parties, family gatherings, going out with friends, and just toasting the holidays at home alone (hey, no judgment), it’s easy to overdo it in the alcohol department and wake up the next day with a monumental headache. And if you are no longer in your 20s (welcome to the club), you may realize that an Advil and a good breakfast isn’t the perfect cure anymore.

Dr. Gina Sam, MD, MPH explains why: “As we age, many of our internal systems slow down, which is why recovery feels so much longer.” On top of all that, she says that women have it even worse. “Women metabolize alcohol very differently from men due to the enzymes present in the liver, which is why you might notice your male friends are able to drink a bit more.”

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