How the Beverly Hills Hotel Inspired This Luxury Online Platform for Female-Only Designers

“I want to provide a platform for these emerging creatives that I feel have amazing talent,” says Natalie Bloomingdale about the idea behind her shopping website The SIL (short for The Stuff I Love).

Having worked with many talented and independent fashion designers as a PR professional, Bloomingdale knew that not all of them had the opportunity or, wanted to for that matter, “to go the wholesale route.” At the same time, she also noticed that design collaborations and limited-edition capsule collections were becoming an important element of fashion that excited both designers and their fan base. So Bloomingdale put two and two together, and that’s how The SIL was born in 2018—as a digital boutique of “curated exclusives” that you can’t find anywhere else online, all created by independent female designers.

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