Here’s What Michael Kors and Gigi Hadid Always Keep in Their Carry-on Luggage

It should surprise exactly no one that Michael Kors and Gigi Hadid have a lot of things in common. Aside from the obvious which is their fashion royalty status — he is at the helm of a billion-dollar fashion company with flagships all around the globe and she is one of the world’s most recognizable faces thanks to her supermodel career — the two also share a long-term friendship and a passion for travel.

Needless to say, when it came to selecting the face for his new perfume, Wonderlust — an oriental fragrance that blends exotic notes sourced from far-off destinations, Kors had only one person in mind. “Gigi fully embodies the Michael Kors Wonderlust spirit,” he says. “She’s curious, spontaneous, lighthearted…everything you want in a travel partner […]”

We recently caught up with both of them to talk all things travel, and we were surprised to find out that despite their celebrity jet-set status, when it comes to pet peeves, we are all alike. Hadid, for example, finds it especially annoying waiting in baggage claim, while for Kors, the most irritating thing is when people try to go through security with “a million zippers, buckles and layered jewelry.” (honestly, #same)

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