Here’s How to Take the Best Food Photos for Instagram

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in all these years translating our whole lives through Instagram filters, it’s that getting a great food photo is deceptively difficult. How does anyone get that airy and bright food image that oozes an effortless Sunday vibe, all from a plate of eggs Benedict?

“A good food photo always starts with the best light you could possibly get,” says Matt Armendariz, an LA-based professional food photographer with almost 30 thousand followers on Instagram. “And going out to brunch or breakfast is always ideal because it’s the daytime.”

Finding a diffuse source of light, as opposed to standing in direct sunlight, is always better. Book a table next to a window, or if you’re outside, ask for one on the patio, under the shade. If that’s not possible, and if the thought of people giving you weird looks is not disturbing to you, just take your plate and bring it next to a window.

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