Best Local Experiences in Iceland

In 2017, Iceland attracted just under 2.2 million visitors — more than six times the total population. It’s not difficult to see why the country’s popularity has exploded in the past few years: its remote location, stunning natural vistas, English-speaking locals, and captivating culture make the Land of Fire and Ice a fascinating yet approachable destination. That statistic is only going to grow.

Of course, with such fame comes a few downfalls — it’s easy to fall into the trap of only visiting the spots popular among tourists, like the ones you see on Instagram or read about in magazines. If you’d rather get a taste of the real, authentic Iceland, follow the footsteps of its residents. Spend however much time you have here seeing the country through their lens…whether it’s through the food you try, the places you visit, or your accommodation.

Here are five local experiences you can enjoy away from the hordes of tourists — just like an Icelander would.

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