9 Luggage Brands Celebrities Swear By

Whether for work or pleasure, travel is a large part of celebrities’ lifestyles, so it’s not surprising that they have turned airports into fashion arenas. And we economy-traveling folk often look to them for inspiration and tips to make our own trips more comfortable and stylish — be it shoes, bags, or jeans.

Of course, if you are an A-lister, you don’t exactly travel light. We’ve all seen photos of celebs standing next to piles of stacked suitcases filled with, we imagine, glamorous designer outfits and countless pairs of shoes. And while we totally envy the contents of said suitcases, it’s the luggage itself that we’re more interested in today.

Some celebrities have stuck with their favorite brands for years. Model and entrepreneur Karlie Kloss, for example, can rarely be seen rolling anything other than an Away carry-on. The brand has only been around for three years, but it has already won over Tinseltown — just ask actresses Rashida Jones and Mandy Moore.

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